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We Need You

Thank you for your interest in helping Friends of Golden Pond!

Our mission is to promote leadership and youth development through safe, affordable camp experiences that will allow both youth and adults to develop confidence, courage, and an appreciation for the outdoors. We believe that Camp Golden Pond fulfills a integral part of that mission and we seek to continue its usage by area Girl Scouts. We believe that losing Camp Golden Pond as a resource will result in a significant number of our girls not being able to have the camp experience they deserve and we believe that the traditions and legacies of the property are worth saving.

It is individuals like you that will make this possible. It is time for us to stop asking “who will save our camp?” and say “I will save our camp.”

This week the property was officially posted ( and as a result I wanted to share with you where we currently are and where we need to get:

  • We have officially incorporated Friends of Golden Pond in the State of Pennsylvania
  • We have established a board of directors (learn about us here)
  • We have written bylaws

Before we can begin fund raising we need to accomplish two things:

  • File a 1023 or 1023EZ form with the IRS in order to request tax exempt status.
  • Register with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations

Right now, what we need most from our Friends:

  • Help navigating the IRS and PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations paperwork
  • Members interested in establishing a Fundraising Committee (listed price of the camp is $1.7M!!!)

Additionally, if you are interested in joining our Board of Directors, we want to hear from you.

We will not succeed without you. We need our communities to share our vision and agree that our camp is worth keeping. We need you to share your camp stories. We need you to tell your friends and your neighbors why our camp is worth keeping.

Thank you,
Megan Roberts
President, Friends of Golden Pond