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How Much are Our Girls Worth?

On July 28th, 2018, Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA officially closed Camp Golden Pond. The last arrows were shot. The last fish were caught. The last canoes raced across the lake. The last campfire was built and the last s’more was eaten. After thirty years, the last songs were sung and the last flag was lowered.

The Western Region of Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA comprises 7% of GSHPA’s 17,000 membership. That’s over 1000 girls who have just lost their camp. These are the girls who live in Huntingdon, Centre, Miflin, Juniata, and Clinton counties. But it is not just these girls who have lost their camp. Girl Scouts from the Altoona and Tyrone areas relied on Camp Golden Pond. Cub Scout packs and other organizations have relied on Camp Golden Pond. Eagle Scout projects have improved the property and couples have been married in Legacy Lodge.

Camp Golden Pond has spent the past thirty years as a community resource.

The annual report from Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA lists the operating cost of Camp Golden Pond at $90,000 per year. Their reports list $11,612 for utilities, $10,919 for insurance, and $45,710 for maintenance. That means that sending a girl to camp costs less than $100 per year. $8 per month. That’s it!

Are our girls worth $8 per month? We think so and we hope you do to. Friends of Golden Pond is committed to reopening Camp Golden Pond so that our area girls can continue to have affordable camp experiences, but we can’t do it without you.


Megan Roberts

President, Friends of Golden Pond