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Ours Again

On Feb 16th, 2019, Friends of Golden Pond signed a lease for 55 acres of Camp Golden Pond. This area includes the core of the camp – all of the established camp sites, the ranger house, the sand mound, and a nice buffer. This lease means that on March 1st we can begin accepting rental reservations. Youth and other groups can now request a reservation using this form. I cannot thank our growing list of benefactors enough. It is your faith and generosity that allows us to bring our scouts back to camp.

Camp Golden Pond is ours again. If we can keep it.

Our lease is $3800 a month and includes an option to purchase the 55 core acres for $600,000.

As of today, we can pay our rent through July, 2019. We need your help to get us to August.

On March 1st, we will become responsible for the gas. The electric. Insurance. Maintenance. The beam in the craft house is cracked and fixing it will cost $10,000. Lower Palmer needs drywall, baseboards, and kitchen counters before we can re-open it to rentals. We need to have a locksmith change and fix all the locks – many of them no longer have keys. The archery targets were left outside all last year and need replaced…

We also need volunteers willing to clean gutters, bridges, and trails.

The task ahead of us is not easy. But a year ago, our camp was lost and we had no obvious path to getting it back. A year ago, we were told that we did not want our camp. A year ago, Sharon Bloom, Ann Dunlavy, Joan Geleskie, Tim Swan, and I sat in a room and decided that losing our camp was unacceptable.

Today, we need you to listen to the stories of young women like Pix and Danae. Help us to show these women what it means to face a challenge and overcome it. Help us to show them what it looks like when a community comes together so that when they grow up they will look upon the challenges life will throw at them and know that impossible things just take a little bit of time and a lot of work.

Become a Friend or donate to our Go Fund Me.

Because, today, Camp Golden Pond is ours to lose. If you do nothing, we will miss our rent payments and we will lose our camp for good.