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CPR Training

On March 31st, Joan will be offering another First AID certification course. The YMCA (and other organizations) offers Red Cross first aid training at $100 or more per person. As a small, volunteer run non-profit funded through public support, we are able to offer this training at only $50 per person. Our goal is to keep this price point low as we roll out a training schedule that will end the scramble to renew we currently see among our Girl Scout and other volunteers. We will not be able to do this without your support.

Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA does NOT provide first aid training to their volunteers. Instead, the troop leaders must find their own training center and pay either out of pocket or using troop funds for their certifications. If they are unable to get certified or maintain their certification, their troop loses the ability to go camping. Service Unit camporees have been popular simply because many of the area troops lack the first aider required to go troop camping.

Is CPR training worth it? According to the American Heart Association, nearly 45% of out of hospital cardiac arrest victims survived when administered CPR by a bystander. CPR is a skill that saves lives. It is a skill that needs to be taught. It is a skill that the adult volunteers who care for our children need to be able to afford.

$100 may not seem like a lot to spend on life saving training. But the volunteers who lead our scout groups already give a great deal of their time and money to our children. Do we really want the volunteers who take care of our children to hesitate when it comes to becoming CPR and first aid certified? Do we want only the minimum number of first aid certified volunteers? Or do we want every adult possible to be trained and certified?

CPR certified people save lives. They save the lives of strangers. They save the lives of friends and family members. CPR training should be available to any adult who is willing to take the course. We should not be staring at a $100 price point and deciding that lives are not worth the cost.

If you support Friends of Golden Pond, you support our ability to offer life saving training at a price point that the volunteers who already give so much to our communities can afford.