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A Community Camp

On Saturday, April 5th, we were joined by the Penn State Quidditch Team, neighbors, and other volunteers to start getting the camp ready for summer. We cleaned out all the cabins in the outer units and checked them for damage. We also removed several dead trees, cleared the Red Trail, fixed broken doors, and started work on cleaning out the Craft House so that groups can use it this summer.

We will be showing off all our hard work at an open house on May 11th and hope to see all our Friends, neighbors, and community members there.

We will need to return to the camp in the coming weeks to fix a number of broken screens on the cabins and would love your help with this task. We may additionally need help removing the graffiti in Wald 2 before youth groups start using that cabin. As a result of our inspections, we found a number of light bulbs, smoke detectors, brooms, and mattresses that need replacing. We also identified a number of areas that need erosion control and other environmental work done. We would love to see some creative or artistic usage of our downed trees. Individuals looking to help us with any of these things can contact us for specifics. You can also check out a more comprehensive list of short and long term needs here.

While we are happy to announce that we are currently funded into September, we still need a great deal of community support to secure our camp. Our community built this camp in the 1980’s. Again, in the late 1990’s our community once again came together to invest $2.8 million into the camp. Today, that investment would be the equivalent of over $4 million. Today, we need but a fraction of that amount to secure the camp for our future.

Camp Golden Pond represents thirty years and millions of dollars of community money. The camp was not built using corporate profits or investor dollars, but through the love and dedication of our community. Friends of Golden Pond is committed to honoring that legacy, but we need your help once again. This camp is your camp. You paid for it. You built it. It is open for your use.

Right now, if we want to secure this property for you, we need operating cash. We also need generous individuals to help us convert our lease to a purchase so that every dollar we raise can stay in this community. We have been in talks with a bank that would be willing to finance us, if we were able to make our down payment and find someone who is willing to guarantee the loan. If you or someone you know can help us with this, we would love to talk to you.