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End of Summer

Summer is growing to a close and by the end of August we will have had over 500 campers visit the camp. We have confirmed reservations for 1200 campers through the end of the year.

The question I must ask you is will we be back here in 2020? Will the summer of 2020 see even more campers enjoying our seven acre lake? Next summer, how many kids will get to take a canoe out on the lake for the first time? Shoot a bow for the first time?

Summer is drawing to a close and as it does we need to build a down payment. This year we did the impossible – we reopened Camp Golden Pond. Now we must do another impossible task – purchase the camp. Our landlord is not interested in leasing to us long term. Our landlord wants us to purchase the camp as soon as possible. If we are to be open next summer, we need your help.

To everyone who has already added their name to our list of benefactors, thank you. To our friends who have not yet made that leap, there is never a good time. You will always have a reason to say “tomorrow”. “Next month”. “Next year”. We need your help today.

If we had just $50 for every single camper we expect to see by the end of the year, we would have our down payment and be well on our way to ownership. If you or someone you know has been able to enjoy a weekend at Camp Golden Pond this summer, please help us stay open.

Make a pledge, Become a Friend, join us for our Regatta BBQ, or build a boat. Show support for our generous regatta sponsors by ordering a 2019 Regatta T-Shirt.

If we are to be open next summer, we need your help and we need your help today.