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Inaugural Regatta

This weekend 19 intrepid sailors took to Lake Louise in contraptions that attempted to float. While some of our boats were less successful than others, everyone was able to make it back to shore without needing to be rescued.

We would like to extend one last special thanks to Central Pennsylvania Endodontics, Mountain Family Dental, and Accuweather for their very generous gifts of $250+.

We awarded our first ever “Sinking with Style” trophy to the “Swamp Foot”. This fast little boat was determined to win its division and almost made it back before the crew was forced to abandon ship and push.

For “Most Creative Use of Recycled Materials”, we had the “Beach Jeep” by the “40399 Castaways” for the 8-12 division and “Troop 375 Wolf Patrol” for the 12-17 division.

While everyone else arrived at camp with a boat, Troop 375 showed with a trailer full of trash and set to work on assembly. These young women know their knots and not a single zip tie was to be found on their cardboard raft. While they did have a “scout overboard” incident during the middle of the race, all crew members made it back to shore on a floating boat. Our judges loved the flipper propelled “Beech Jeep”.

Our best decorated boat from the 12-17 age group was the “Kitchy Ratties”. This boat reminded us of the pod racers from Star Wars.

The Furious Loch Ness Monsters proved that you can look good while winning. This team took home both “Best Decorated” and “Division Champion” for the 8-12 age group.

Our Division Champion for the 12-17 age group was the “Little Sinker”. While this boat was originally designed for two, the team decided that buoyancy was more important than extra paddling power and started the race with only one crew member. This decision paid off when their competition ran aground.

The “Snappy Turtles” may not have taken home any trophies, but there was no danger of these girls getting wet. We hope to see them next year!

Our final boat, the Purple Prime Pallet, was our only boat from the 17+ age group. This boat showed us what you can do with cardboard boxes, paint, and an old pallet.

We hope that all our contestants and spectators had a spectacular time and we can’t wait to see what people do next year!