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Building Our Future

The past year at Camp Golden Pond has been one whirlwind adventure after another. Almost exactly one year ago, I signed a one year lease on the camp property – allowing Camp Golden Pond to re-open and serve as an outdoor retreat for over 1500 people. Every weekend, new faces visit our campground – many of them old friends, but also new campers who had been struggling to find a facility that could serve their group.

In February, we hosted a student ministry from Mechanicsburg. This group was excited to be able to have their getaway at a location that was both beautiful and affordable. In March, 4 different Scouts BSA Troops will visit the camp. This summer, State College Girl Scouts is partnering with Trout Unlimited to run an exciting STREAM Girls camporee that will be open to any registered Girl Scout and her family. We are also in talks with a number of large religious youth organizations about moving their annual summer retreats to Camp Golden Pond.

All told, we are on track for over 2000 campers to visit the camp this year. Camp Golden Pond has become more than a Girl Scout Camp – it is becoming a home to a wide variety of youth and other organizations looking for an affordable outdoor retreat.

On March 1st, the lease that makes all this possible will automatically renew for just 1 more year. If we are to see Camp Golden Pond continue to serve our community in 2021, we must succeed in purchasing the property. To do that we need your help.

We currently have just shy of $50,000 allocated towards our down payment, thanks to our generous supporters. In addition to cash contributions towards the down payment, we also need long term commitments towards paying off the loan.

If you believe that our camp should remain a public resource available to all, please complete and return a capital campaign commitment form. If you cannot make a long term commitment, a group of former board members of Hemlock Girl Scout Council will be matching all donations made to Friends of Golden Pond through March 14th, 2020.

In honor of Girl Scout Week 2020, Marilyn and Kyle Kauffman and MaryAnne and Randall (Randy) K. Cline will match up to $2,500 of all donations made to Friends of Golden Pond. Marilyn (former president, officer and board member of Hemlock Girl Scout Council), Kyle (former board member of Hemlock Girl Scout Council), and Randy (former chief executive officer of Hemlock Girl Scout Council) want the former Golden Pond program center to be able to continue to serve Girl Scouts and other youth for generations to come.

According to Christine, “Camp Golden Pond is my happy place with my girls. It is where I’m watching them grow up and discover the women they can be. It is nature, water, exploration, and friendship. It is an experience they can not have anywhere else.”

Don’t wait until 2021 to see if we can renew our lease again. The sooner we can complete our purchase, the sooner we can guarantee to all our Girl Scout, Scouts BSA, and religious groups that Camp Golden Pond will be able to remain their home away from home for years to come.

Download a Commitment Form or Make a Contribution Today.