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COVID-19 is resulting in serious disruptions to our everyday lives and is likely to continue to be part of our lives for weeks, if not months to come. As a society, we must come together to defeat this virus and protect our friends, neighbors, and families. Our health care workers will do their part to tend to the sick, but we must do our part to slow the spread of this disease. Our scientific community has told us that this disease must not be allowed to spread unchecked and we must all do our part to help.

As a result, Camp Golden Pond is closed to new reservations through mid-May and we will be working with groups with existing reservations to determine if their event is able to go forward. Groups with reservations that are being impacted by the current crisis can work with us to either reschedule or receive a refund for any rental fees already paid.

Our society’s lock down, while painful, is also necessary as we must always put life first. Already, COVID-19 has cost Friends of Golden Pond $6,367.36 in cancellations. As this crisis extends into May, we expect to loose another $4,491.70 in reservations. All told, we are looking at loosing $10,859.06 in rental revenue. This amount represents almost 3 months of operating expenses for the camp and will result in a significant set back as we work on purchasing the property.

Our planned Mother’s Day fundraiser is also now on hold. It is our hope that the next few weeks will show a positive outlook and by May life will begin to return to normal; however, we recognize that there is a very really possibility that lock down orders will be even more strict by that time.

That said, we have received an anonymous donation to pay for our April rent and members of our board will be paying our rent for May. It is our sincere hope that the current global crisis will be resolved with as little loss of life as possible and that by summer we will all once again be out and about enjoying life.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these uncertain times.