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New fiscal year–new beginnings

September 1, 2020 marked the beginning of our new fiscal year for Friends of Golden Pond. We experienced challenges due to the pandemic as well as some other things. We also grew to the point of our first board elections. In the midst of working through the process, the group received resignation letters from two members. This caused some restructuring and revamping of the way we run our business. We are happy to say that we have pulled together and have had much support from volunteers, donors and especially guests to keep us going. With that, our board of directors are happy to announce our official members. Please give welcome to Dawn Wolfhope as President, Tim Swan as Vice President, Ann Dunlavy as Treasurer, Paula Keefer as Secretary and Sharon Bloom and Melanie Robison as Board Members. This group has adapted an open-book philosophy with our business and are pooling our strengths for the benefit of the camp. We are committed to our original mission statement to make the camp assessible and affordable to youth and families alike and to ensure a unique outdoor experience. We whole-heartedly thank all who have helped us get this far. Without volunteers to help with the work, donors to help us financially and guests to give us income for operations and buying power, we would not be looking at purchasing the camp in the near future. We are also discussing many other changes and we would love to see more people come visit us at camp for more programming. We are very open to help and please feel free to contact us if you can help us in any way or even just to check on things or stay with us. Please feel free to send us your comments and pictures. With your permission, we would love to share your unique experience. Once again, we thank you all and we hope to keep providing a unique outdoor experience only found at Camp Golden Pond.