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Exciting News – March 2021!!

We have been very busy over the last few months working on our business and future plans. We want to take this time to also thank all of you who have made contributions and help to keep our dream and this camp alive. We still have a long way to go, but we have some news to share. We are excited to announce that Friends of Golden Pond has fully executed and Agreement of Sale with the current owner. Per our agreement, we must purchase the property and close no later than April 30, 2021 at the bank. We should have some awesome news in the next 30-45 days as we make our final trek towards ownership of Golden Pond!

We are excited for the start of the season! We have many rentals already on the books, so please contact us if you would like to stay. Along with that, we have many exciting events that will be sponsored by Friends of Golden Pond in the upcoming months. One such event is our Mindfulness series that is a three part event. Each part can stand alone, but we would love to see you at all three. The dates are posted on our calendar and happen once a month in March, April and May. We have many other events too on our calendar. Please take a preview and we will fill you in closer to the events. All proceeds will go to Friends of Golden Pond to help with the daily expenses of the camp. We will also need some volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to us.

We also have a work weekend scheduled for April 24 and 25. We plan to clean camp after this hard winter. We have lots of tasks that need to be done from simple cleaning to moving and cutting firewood. We have many down trees this year and will need help moving, cutting and stacking wood. More information and pre-registration will be posted very soon. We are utilizing our Facebook pages for many announcements and we have many winter pictures if you ever wondered what it looked like under snow. Word of warning, its beautiful and breathtaking. We do have 3 areas with heat and are renting right now if you want to visit.

We have many more surprises planned for the year! Don’t forget to Meet Us At the Pond!!!