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Centre Gives – May 11 & 12, 2021 — Continue to support us

Centre Gives starts tomorrow! Mark your calendars and bookmark our link at Centre Gives. A donation of $10 on May 11th or 12th helps to qualify Friends of Golden Pond for a portion of a $200,000 stretch pool. More donations or larger donations help us receive a larger portion of the stretch pool. There are many other monetary prizes throughout the 2 days that we can acquire with active participation and unique donors as well. Our mission at Golden Pond is to provide leadership and youth development by offering safe and affordable experiences that will allow those youth and adults to develop courage, confidence and an appreciation for the outdoors through programming and camping at the property. Help get us started with our newly purchased property as we begin to roll out programming for the remainder of the year focused at outdoors skills and appreciation, mindfulness and educational opportunities. Our programs and events are designed for youth and family in any organization such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Church Groups, Frontier Girls, Adventure Scouts, 4-H Clubs, the Home Schooling Community and so many more …. Your generous donation to our cause on May 11th or May 12th will go a long way to making Golden Pond a successful destination experience for all. Sharing out with your friends and colleagues is also another great way to help Golden Pond thrive! #CentreGives…/210-friends-of-golden-pond