Thank you to all of our amazing and generous benefactors. You make our camp possible through your gracious gifts and pledges.

Legacy ($20,000 or more)

Nancy L. Habig

Tussey ($5,000 or more)

Sharon Bloom

Barree ($2,500 or more)

Eileen Christman, Megan Roberts

Wald ($1,000 or more)

Laura McCardle, Maxine Brunner

Serendipity ($500 or more)

Anonymous, Ann and Gary Blargan, PA State Corrections Officers Assn.

Unit II ($250 or more)

Ann Dunlavy, Jason C. Bloom, Kim Daigle

Oakwood ($100 or more)

Andrea Wildy, Anne Taliff, Anonymous, Cathy Greensfelder, Anonymous, Ethan Lowe, Anonymous, Frances Shreve, Hans Huber, In Honor of the 50th Wedding Aniversary of Martin and Maxine Brunner, James and Patricia Garthe, Janelle J. Flanagan, Joan Geleskie, Anonymous, Anonymous, Julie Clipper, Laura Fulton, Marian Ross, Marie DeVinney, Mark and Beverly Sather, Mary Hutchinson, Mary Walsh, Melissa and Benjamin Martilotta, Anonymous, Anonymous, Suzette Schreffler, Tim Swan, Anonymous, Trish Mikita, Anonymous

Ranger ($50 or more)

Anonymous, Curtis Johnson, David Nelson, Denise Bestwick, Dorothea Stahl, Anonymous, Jay Searles, Anonymous, Larry Sather, Linda Weko, Liza Parks, Micah Willy, Molly Tomlin, Anonymous, Olga Grove, Pamela Nonemacher, Stacey Martilotta, Travis Showman

Friend ($25 or more)

Charles and Charlotte Fields, Debbie Medner, Emily Skopic, Anonymous, Anonymous, Jill Ausherman, Jodi Vendor, Kim Phillips, Lily Nicastro, Meredith Weber, Robert & Jody Lair


Andy Krishak, Beth Stone, Chris Curfman, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Michele Briggs, Anonymous, Nadine Cramer, Natalie Baxter, Sarah Casner, Anonymous