Thank you to all of our amazing and generous benefactors. You make our goals possible through your gracious gifts and pledges.

Legacy Level($20,000 or more)

Nancy L. Habig

Serendipity Level ($2,500 or more)

Anonymous Angel

Ranger Level ($1,000 or more)

Maxine Brunner

Guardian ($500 or more)

Anonymous Angel

Partner ($250 or more)

Kim Daigle

Associate ($100 or more)

Andrea Wildy, Cathy Greensfelder, Anonymous Angel, Hans Huber, Anonymous Angel, Julie Clipper, Marian Ross, Mary Walsh, Tim Swan

Supporter ($50 or more)

Anonymous Angel, Dorothea Stahl, Anonymous Angel, Anonymous Angel, Anonymous Angel, Linda Weko, Mary Hutchinson, Anonymous Angel, Molly Tomlin, Trish Mikita

Friend ($25 or more)

Curtis Johnson, Emily Skopic, Jodi Vendor, Kim Phillips, Meredith Weber, Anonymous Angel