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Inaugural Regatta

On August 24th, 2019 we will host our inaugural Recycled Regatta on Lake Louise at Camp Golden Pond. For this event, crews of up to 4 will build a boat out of recycled materials, and then race their watercraft (with them in it). We will award prizes to the overall champion, most creative use of recycled materials, best decorated boat/costumes, and sinking with style.

We hope that you will be able to join us, either on a race crew, or as a spectator to cheer our crews on. After the race, we will celebrate our successes and failures with a BBQ.

In addition to race crews, we are also seeking businesses or individuals to sponsor our race by making either prize or monetary contributions. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a sponsor, please let us know!

We would like to extend a special thanks to our first two 2019 Regatta Sponsors:

To participate in our regatta you can

Thank you in advance for your continued support as we work towards funding and purchasing our camp! Since opening in March we have hosted four different rental groups representing 58 individuals. We have additional bookings through November for another 16 groups representing approximately 950 campers. All told, we are expecting over 1000 campers to pass through our camp before the end of the year. Groups utilizing our camp include scout groups (Girl Scout, Scouts BSA, and Cub Scouts), church groups, theater groups, and even a small independent film.

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Our Camp

As we work with Mr. Sabella to forge a path for our girls to get back to camp, we have to ask ourselves, “what is our camp?” and “why is it ours?.” Camp Golden Pond belonged to Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA because Hemlock Girl Scout Council built it. For Camp Golden Pond to come back to us, we must earn it. No one is going to give us a whole camp. We must, instead, buy our camp back one dollar at a time. $5 here, $20 there, $100 over there, and before you know it, our camp will be ours again.

While our final capital goal is much more, $50,000 will pay a lease on the property for a full year. Just $50,000 and we are already over half way to that milestone!

This lease will give us unrestricted access so that we can ensure that nature does not reclaim the property. It will let us open the camp to rentals. It will let us plan and execute outdoor programs on the property. But most importantly, it will also prevent the camp from being sold piecemeal while we raise capital for our final purchase.

A lease will do all that and it will do it today. A purchase requires a surveyor, a bank loan, an appraisal, and more. That is time that our camp does not have. It is time that our girls do not have.

We cannot tell you enough – now is the time that we need you. Now is the time that we must fund our camp. If we want to keep our camp whole, we need you. Mr. Sabella is not going to wait for “one day” or “perhaps” or “maybe”. He wants us to tell him “yes, we want our camp and we want it today.” He has lost track of the number of people who have called him to ask about carving off 5 acres here or 10 acres there. If we cannot move forward, our camp will be carved into pieces and lost forever.

Schreyer. Palmer. Walker. Wald. These are the names that are inscribed throughout our camp. These are the names that gave our camp its first thirty wonderful years. Now, we need new names to give our camp new life. Hemlock Council gifted us with an incredible Legacy. We must honor it. We cannot let Louise Walker’s dream die.

Joan, Ann, Sharon and I are counting on you. We have taken that leap of faith. Nancy L. Habig, Maxine Brunner, and others are all taking that leap of faith with us. Now we need you to catch us.

Become a Friend or make a pledge.

No amount is too small. Tomorrow will be too late.

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Capital Campaign

We are now officially launching our capital campaign. We are seeking to raise $446,860 in order to acquire Camp Golden Pond. This sum will allow us to finance the initial acquisition of the camp. In order to support us, you can donate via our by check. If you would like to join our Capital Campaign Committee or find our how to help, please contact us.

Camp Golden Pond is more than a piece of land. It is more than cabins and beds were we can sleep. It is more than hiking trails and a lake and an archery range. It is where we have spent the past thirty years growing up. It is the place where we put our kindergarten daughters in their first canoe and teach them that the bugs and critters are nothing to be afraid of. And then, almost a decade later, we watch those tiny, tiny girls leading camp.

Camp is where our leaders can go to form lifelong bonds of friendships with women they had never met before.

Camp is where we learn how to make do with what we have. It is where we learn that its ok to make mistakes and sometimes things don’t quite work the way we wanted. And we learn how to overcome these challenges.

Camp is where our girls find the sisters they never knew they had.

Our girls have always assumed they would be attending camp at Camp Golden Pond their entire lives. Our Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors have always assumed that one day, when they are old enough, they will be the big girls taking the new Daisies on their first Fairy Hike around the lake.

Our older girls have always known that one day they would have their “last” camporee. But that last camporee was supposed to be the camporee before they went off to college and became adults.

The closing of Camp Golden Pond has broken the hearts and crushed the dreams of countless girls.

Together, we can revive all those hopes and dreams.

If we do nothing, the camp will die. The woods will reclaim the trails and the buildings and silence will settle on the lake. But if we work together, we can ensure that the laughter of Girl Scouts continues to fill the woods of Camp Golden Pond.

Your donation will allow us to acquire the property, make needed repairs, and help get our girls back at Camp Golden Pond. But time is not on our side. With every day, our girls are growing up and the property is slipping further into decay. We need your help and we need your help today.