Around Golden Pond

Activity Rentals

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Archery Equipment
  • Juliette Gordon Low Workshop

Letterboxing (Developed by GSWPA Troop 26664)

Letterboxing is similar to Geocaching except that you don’t need a GPS unit. You follow the clues and use the stampers in the cache for your logbook and you leave a stamp or drawing in the cache’s logbook. Letterboxing preceded geocaching before the satellites were available to the public. This is a fun and old tradition. We are honored that our friends from Troop 26664 from Girl Scouts in Western Pennsylvania developed, hid and left us and our guests the clues to their boxes so we all can have a little fun. Please feel free to review the attached document. You will also find copies at the units.


Brownie Cache

Twist me and turn me and show me the Brownie elf – I looked in the water and saw myself!

In 2015, a Girl Scout Brownie troop left this cache hidden in a pavilion in Camp Golden Pond as part of earning their Letterboxing Badge. Long forgotten, it was recently rediscovered by Friends of Golden Pond during routine maintenance. The stamp and ink are long dried, but the log book is eagerly awaiting your signature. Can you tell us their troop number?

This cache is located in one of the pavilions on the camp. If the site is reserved by a group, you will need to come back later.

N 40° 38.291′ W 077° 59.940′

Golden Pond’s Missing Mailbox Mystery

Camp Golden Pond has lost the code to open our mailbox. Not only that! Brownie Sprites stole and hid our mailbox because they were jealous that no one ever writes them letters and all they ever get is bills!

One of the good sprites gave us some coordinates. Can you help us out?

Top of the Camp

You will find me sitting on my throne at the top of the camp.

N 40° 38.187 W 078° 00.008

Beyond the Rainbow

Beyond the rainbow lies your prize.

N 40° 38.279 W 078° 00.082

Down by the Waters

Head down where the waters flow below the lake but not too low.

N 40° 38.244 W 077° 59.695

Missing Mailbox

If you’re cooking s’mores, you’ll need some wood.

N 40° 38.174 W 077° 59.810