Wish List

There are a number of projects on the camp property that would add value to the property and improve the experiences of the campers who utilize the property. This list only highlights a few and we are open to new ideas.

If you or your group is interested in helping us with one of these projects, please contact us. At this point we are looking for volunteers who are willing to follow a project through from planning and funding to execution and will expect groups to submit a written proposal outlining their plan.

If you can think of a project that is not on this list, please let us know what you are thinking so we can determine if it fits within the camp mission. We would love to hear your ideas.

Shopping Lists

The camp is always in need of consumables such as toilet paper, paper towels for Legacy, 55 gallon trash bags, hand soap, and cleaning supplies. Use the lists below to see examples of what kind of supplies we are looking for.

We are also always in need of books for the book swap library in Legacy and Hemlock.


When you shop through AmazonSmile, not only can you have items shipped directly to us, but Amazon will also donate a portion of your sale to us:

Sam’s Club

Short Term Needs

We are in need of the following items:



  • Path to parking lot
  • Purchase and install AED
  • Carpenter bee mitigation and repair

Upper Palmer

  • No specific needs at this time.

Lower Palmer

  • Bunk area – paint walls and install baseboards
  • Main room – waterproof and finish back wall, install kitchen
  • Wall mounted commercial first aid kit
  • Microwave

Completing this project will allow Lower Palmer to be opened for rental as its own unit. Currently the bunk room is available to be rented in conjunction with Upper Palmer.

Ranger House

  • Exterior water run-off mitigation
  • Finish basement
  • Exterior landscaping

Camp Buildings

Craft House

  • Excavate and repair foundation wall
  • Clean organize and inventory lower level

Completing this project will allow the traverse wall to reopen.

Oakwood Pavillion

Sometimes called the “summer kitchen”, Oakwood Pavilion is the structure overlooking the lake below Palmer. Friends of Golden Pond is interested in a group willing to remodel/refurbish and re-purpose the structure. Completing this project will turn the structure from an abandoned building to a camp asset.

Pole Shed

  • Organize, clean, and inventory
  • Repair damage to building

Camp Activities


Friends of Golden Pond would like to see a storage shed at the range and possible some way to provide shade (even a few pop-ups for just archery. We could use some new equipment like finger guards, bow strings and arrows.


  • Repair leaking boats
  • Repair paddle boats
  • Better storage solution for kayaks
  • Storage solution for life jackets, paddles, and safety equipment that is closer to the boat launch
  • Improvements to the boat launch – pea gravel or other solution

Gaga Ball

  • Updated / permanent signage with rules and description of game
  • Mulch

Outer Units


  • Clean roofs
  • Cut trees away from cabins/pavilions
  • General plant upkeep to keep the paths cleared


  • Fix tent flaps
  • Add to camp signs
  • Deck repairs needed

Unit II

  • Erosion control
  • Fire pit improvements
  • Improve or eliminate stairs
  • Clean gutters and moss from roofs
  • Blinds/curtains for doors


  • Erosion control in overflow spillway
  • Erosion control in stream inlet
  • Control of invasive plants
  • Signage



The trails around the camp are in serious need of revamping. Currently the official red trail goes through the flooded overflow spillway along with several other swampy areas. A new, sustainable, and marked path needs to be established.

Effort also needs to be made to ensure that unneeded/unwanted trails are returned to the environment and “shortcuts” are either eliminated or added to the trail system.


Water drainage along the camp road causes erosion issues. The water needs to be redirected so that it does not run down the road and the road needs repaired.

A drainage pipe needs installed under the driveway at Eberle Rd.

General repair and upkeep is needed on the roads leading to Unit II.

Invasive Species

Eradicate or control and mitigate the invasive species such as the honeysuckle, autumn olive, and Japanese grass.

Poison Ivy

Eliminate the poison ivy from high use parts of camp.

Fence and Front of Camp

Repair the fence at the front of camp.

Plant low maintenance, environment enhancing flowers/plants along fence


Investigation into the feasibility of establishing composting at the camp in order to reduce landfill waste.