Improvement Projects

There are a number of projects on the camp property that would add value to the property and improve the experiences of the campers who utilize the property.

If you or your group is interested in helping us with one of these projects, please contact us. At this point we are looking for volunteers who are willing to follow a project through from planning and funding to execution and will expect groups to submit a written proposal outlining their plan.

If you can think of a project that is not on this list, please let us know what you are thinking so we can determine if it fits within the camp mission. We would love to here you ideas.


  • Fix broken side door
  • Path to parking lot
  • Purchase and install AED

Lower Palmer

  • Bunk area – paint walls and install baseboards
  • Main room – waterproof and finish back wall, install kitchen
  • Fix door locks

Completing this project will allow Lower Palmer to be opened for rental as its own unit. Currently the bunk room is available to be rented in conjunction with Upper Palmer.

Ranger House

  • Fix plumbing issues
  • Clean and furnish

Restoring the Ranger House would allow it to be made available for rental.

Craft House

  • Excavate and repair foundation wall
  • Clean, paint, and organize upper level
  • Fix broken windows in lower level
  • Clean organize and inventory lower level

Completing this project will allow the traverse wall to reopen.

Oakwood Pavillion

Sometimes called the “summer kitchen”, Oakwood Pavilion is the structure overlooking the lake below Palmer. Friends of Golden Pond is interested in a group willing to remodel/refurbish and re-purpose the structure. Completing this project will turn the structure from an abandoned building to a camp asset.

Pole Shed

  • Organize, clean, and inventory
  • Repair damaged wall


  • Storage shed to allow archery equipment to be co-located at the range

Friends of Golden Pond would like to see improvements made to the archery range and is not opposed to re-locating the range to a more central location that supports additional shooting lanes. Relocating the range would also allow camp rentals of the outer units to not interfere with events taking place in Legacy.


  • Inventory life jackets and paddles.
  • Repair leaking boats
  • Repair paddle boats
  • Clean, inventory, and asses kayaks


  • Remove graffiti from cabin interiors
  • Upgrade bathhouse to be co-ed


  • Upgrade bathhouse to be co-ed
  • Fix tent flaps

Unit II

  • Upgrade bathhouse to be co-ed
  • Erosion control
  • Fire pit improvements – level or move
  • Improve or eliminate stairs


  • Erosion control in overflow spillway
  • Control of invasive plants
  • Signage
  • Investigation into permitting swimming. This task includes understanding the ecological, legal, and infrastructure implications of allowing swimming in the lake. What permits are required? What are the ecological impacts? Where would a swimming beach be located and what is the effort involved in creating it? How would this impact fishing and boating?


  • Trail maintenance
  • Erosion control along camp road
  • Primitive camping site. This task includes understanding the ecological and legal aspects involved with establishing a primitive camping site as well as locating a potential site.