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This cozy little cabin in the woods was a nice get away for us to ring in 2020! We enjoyed a few hikes while exploring the area. We even found a geocache! Hope we can visit again!


Golden pond is near and dear to my heart. Beautiful camp with many different units to allow for progressive. camping with Girl Scouts. Many options for activities such as hiking, canoeing, kayaking, archery, outdoor cooking, swapping, badge work and nature studies. please support Camp Golden Pond so we can have its use for generations to […]


Camp Golden Pond is my happy place with my girls. It is where I’m watching them grow up and discover the women they can be. It is nature, water, exploration, and friendship. It is an experience they can not have anywhere else.


Camp Golden Pond was a wonderful place for our immersive event. We were able to sleep most of our participants in the two main buildings which were lovely, clean, and close enough that everyone felt a part of the action. The scenic lake provided a beautiful backdrop for the story we were building and the […]

Entropic Endeavors

Saturday was a picture perfect camp day.  I didn’t see the osprey perching but he was flying around all the time.  Lots of other birds too.  Bluebirds in the boxes, a hummingbird flitting around the azaleas, plenty of geese (which chase Scouts), and the every day common ones like robins and crows.  They caught a […]

Scouts, BSA Troop 375

Golden Pond is not only a place in the middle of the woods, it is the only camp that I have known. It is a place where I found more about myself. It lead me to being a great friend and a great leader. Being able to go to Golden Pond ever since I was […]


I was the director of the Camp Golden Pond for the Hemlock Council for a week in the early 1990s. As director, I implemented an ‘eastern newt project’ to teach the campers the wonder, respect, and stewardship for the wildlife and natural environment. The girls learned about the life cycle of the eastern newt at […]


This camp and the experiences that I have had here, have shaped my life in such profound ways. I sometimes wonder if my love for boating or my ability to even make friends would exist without this place. Without Golden Pond. Camp Golden Pond is this beautiful place where your victories are celebrated forever and […]


I only ever went to this camp three times but in those three times I was here, it’s touched my heart to see so many young girls like me get along and make new friends for life. I was there the last weekend it was open to us and we saw quite a lot of […]


As a leader I have been to Camporees at least a dozen times with the girls in my Troops. I’ve watched them grow up from little girls to young women over the last five years. My own daughters feel like Golden Pond is a second home to them. It belongs to them. It is a […]


I went to camp for the first time when I was 5.  It was a day trip. It was too windy to canoe and I was so disappointed.  We had a big campfire and I was fascinated by the older girls and how they knew everything.  I wanted to be that…smart and funny and nice. […]


Our family started scouts later than most, our son started the earliest as a Cub Scout, our oldest started as a 1st year Junior and our other daughter started as a 1st year Brownie.  I started scouts as a Leader for my daughter’s Junior Troop of 2 girls!  I have been a Troop Leader for […]


As a very new Troop leader and someone who was a member of a Girl Scout Troop that never went camping (at least to my recollection), I made experiencing camping a priority when I decided to start a new Daisy Troop.  Learning about the world around you and how to take care of yourself in […]


I grew up as a Girl Scout in the Hemlock Council. My daughter, Ann, has been a Girl Scout in the Girl Scouts In the Heart of Pennsylania for 11 years and is a Gold Award Recipient. Camp Golden Pond was an essential element to raising my daughter and the girls in our troop to […]


This fall was our first time at Camp Golden Pond (for me and my daughter). I didn’t bring my camera along and I was so regretful because it was so pretty and we had such a great time. I thought about how we would have many more chances to enjoy the camp (and take photos!) […]


I was a Girl Scout in Hemlock Council before there was a Golden Pond. My camps are gone. Places named Oakwood and Lycogis and Ioka and Barree. I know those names because I have the patches on the back of my sash. I have memories of adventures with my friends at each and every one […]