As a very new Troop leader and someone who was a member of a Girl Scout Troop that never went camping (at least to my recollection), I made experiencing camping a priority when I decided to start a new Daisy Troop.  Learning about the world around you and how to take care of yourself in uncomfortable situations are invaluable opportunities.  I want my daughter and her friends to respect the outdoors and grow to love spending their time outside.  My daughter, Caroline, and I went camping at Golden Pond for the first time with her Troop during her first year in Daisies.  I decided we should just try one night as she was only 5 and basically brand new to all of this.  Within an hour of being there she told me she wished we had been there for both nights.  Reflecting both on last year and this year’s winter camping trips, we both really enjoy the time we spent together and with her fellow Daisies.  Caroline also learned a great deal by going on hikes, learning about the different physical attributes of Golden Pond, being taught fun new skills from older Girl Scouts and other Troop Leaders, and, most recently, DUMP CAKES! YUM!  This facility is new to us but has already become a very special place for us.  We hope it can remain that way.