This camp and the experiences that I have had here, have shaped my life in such profound ways. I sometimes wonder if my love for boating or my ability to even make friends would exist without this place. Without Golden Pond.

Camp Golden Pond is this beautiful place where your victories are celebrated forever and your mistakes there are memorialized, but in a different way. They’re remembered as moments of learning and inside jokes. Like the time I dropped my bandanna in the lake. We couldn’t get it out forever, until a counselor helped us to figure out that we could use the other end of the paddle. Once we saved the bandanna, we couldn’t stop laughing.

I’ve had countless valuable and memorable experiences here and Wald and the mushroom cabin… That’s where I met my best friend Danae. On the lake, that’s where I paddled a canoe for the first time. I’ve learned how to step up and be a leader because of this camp. So when I say Camp Golden Pond isn’t just a camp – it’s a home to me, don’t take this off as just another cliche. I genuinely mean it.

All kids deserve a chance to feel the way I do about this camp. If you can help by donating so we can continue to have these memories and these experiences, it would mean a lot to me – to all of us. It’s important to me to save Camp Golden Pond, not just for me, but for all of the youth to come.

I hope one day, I can come back as an adult and teach a child to use the other end of the paddle.